Middle school recognizes February Students of the Month

Mar 1, 2024

Wareham Middle School has announced its Student of the Month recipients for the month of February. 

Hailey Wingo has achieved Student of the Month for the fifth grade in February. Hailey is described as a “role model to all her classmates,” and as a kind, hardworking student who’s always willing to help out her classmates. 

“She is also very proud of her twin sister and family, often mentioning their experiences together as part of her participation in class discussions. Hailey is a wonderful young lady and I look forward to seeing her grow as a WPS student,” said one anonymous teacher. 

Tatum Anctil has achieved Student of the Month for the sixth grade in February. Teachers describe Tatum as a hardworking student with a “happy-go-lucky presence” who is “always eager to learn new things and willing to help others.”

“His efforts to do his best work while supporting his peers in collaborative learning activities are exactly what every teacher and peer hopes for. His genuine and supportive nature are virtues that embody the classroom environment we strive to create,” said one anonymous teacher. 

Christopher Lovell has achieved Student of the Month for the seventh grade in February. Chris is described as “a pleasure to have in class,” and as a hardworking and polite student. 

“I am so happy that Chris came to WMS this year,” said one anonymous teacher. “He is a bright, funny and respectful student. He puts his full effort into his work and is always prepared in class.”