More than 100 active covid-19 cases in Wareham

Nov 25, 2020

The number of active confirmed coronavirus cases in Wareham is now 110, reported Town Administrator Derek Sullivan at the Nov. 24 Board of Selectmen’s meeting.

There have been 55 new confirmed and three probable new cases in the last twelve days — nine of those in the last two days alone.

“I think we might be close to being in the red, unfortunately,” Alan Slavin said.

For now, the town is still in the yellow “moderate risk” category as determined by the state. The next state report will come out on Friday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

The board urged people to be cautious and avoid unnecessary contact.

“Stay away from each other this year so you can celebrate next year, I think is the best advice we can give you,” Peter Teitelbaum said. “Try to exercise common sense…. try not to breathe each other’s air, and try to have a safe Thanksgiving.”

“Take note and just go out when you have to, and cover up,” Munise said. “I’m kind of hunkering down for the most part.”