National Labs seeks to open marijuana testing facility in Wareham

Dec 20, 2018

An independent testing lab for recreational and medical marijuana products expressed interest in using Wareham as a future base of operations at an informational meeting held on Thursday night.

Theodore Glynn, the CFO of Boston-based company National Labs, announced plans to open a facility at 4 Recovery Road pending approval from both state and town officials. The address is a stand alone building located in one of the town’s industrial parks off Route 28.

Glynn said the lab would be relatively small, hiring somewhere between five and eight full-time employees.

“It’s going to be a very quiet operation,” he said. “We won’t have anyone coming or going from the facility who isn’t an employee or a client.”

National Labs, which could open in Wareham as early as next year, would test marijuana products from cultivators, dispensaries and recreational shops along the South Coast to ensure they meet strict standards put in place by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

Testing carried out the lab would look for things such as pesticides, metals and other substances in marijuana plants and their soil. National Labs would also carry out tests on finished marijuana products such as edibles before they can be sold, ensuring that they are safe for consumption.

No cannabis would be grown at the location and the lab would not engage in the manufacturing or selling of marijuana products. Glynn said the samples tested at the lab would be extremely small and secured at all times.

Currently,National Labs is negotiating a “host community agreement” with Wareham officials.

The agreement, if approved, would grant National Labs a license to operate while bringing in revenue for the town.

However, the company must also receive approval from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission before they can commence operations. Glynn said National Lab’s agreement with the town is still being negotiated and expected revenue from the lab is unknown at this time. National Lab’s approval from the Cannabis Control Commission is also pending.

“We’re a very different animal from cultivators and retailers,” Glynn said. “So we’re hopeful that things will fall into place quickly.”