New Onset Fire Station only several months from completion

Jan 17, 2021

Construction on the new Onset Fire Station is continuing, and the building is quickly taking shape, reported David Halberstadt at the Prudential Committee’s Jan. 14 meeting.

The exterior paneling will be complete in about two and a half weeks, and drywall is being delivered to begin interior work. 

Electric service, gas, and temporary heat are all complete or in the process of being installed.

The Fire Department plans to begin operating out of the new building in April.

The new station, which will be located at 8 Sand Pond Rd., near the Salvation Army, will be a one-story building of around 13,500 square feet - enough space to store all the district’s equipment.

The new fire station will also have a washing facility to clean protective clothing, as well as a separate living space for firefighters.