New Wendy's comes to town

Dec 10, 2019

The new Wendy’s will open its doors on Wednesday, Dec. 11, as the Board of Selectmen approved the fast-food restaurant for a Common Victuallers License.

The restaurant will be located at 2419 Cranberry Hwy., near Walmart. 

Wendy's District Manager Megan Batson noted that the restaurant has undergone all the necessary inspections.

She has been actively hiring employees but still needs more people to run the business effectively. 

Batson said that “we are getting great people” and attributed the lack of employees to the new location that is not yet well-known to the residents. 

Batson’s comments are a stark contrast to those made this summer by former district manager Keith Helger, who attributed the chronic understaffing of the East Wareham Wendy’s to a lack of qualified employees. 

Helger said that Wareham had “little to no talent pool to hire from,” and that most candidates were recovering addicts who Wendy’s could not hire.

Wendy’s media relations department disavowed his statements, and Helger was fired soon after.