By the numbers: Wareham High School Spring sports season

Aug 23, 2019

Three teams qualified for the state tournaments while MIAA recognized the Boys and Girls Track Teams for their community service during the past Spring sports season. Meanwhile, 130 participating student-athletes kept a grade point average of 90.3 - or an A - for the semester, the Wareham High School Athletic Director, Ed Rodrigues, reported to the School Committee on Thursday night. 

The past Spring sports season ran on a total of $68,899.89. This includes supplies, annual bills, transportation, coaches, custodians, officials and game help, as well as third of the Athletic Trainer’s salary. Girls tennis, baseball, and softball qualified for the state tournament. 

Here is a look at some of the other figures Rodrigues presented:

Wareham athletics overall:

Participating athletes: 130 

Overall record: 41 - 52 

State tournament record: 1 - 3  


Participating athletes: 24

Average GPA: 82.2

Overall record: 12 - 10

All Stars - Joseph Pearle and Matthew Pearle. 

Honorable Mentions -  Bryan Gallagher and Andrew Lecuyer. 

Sportsmanship -  Syler King

Team Sportsmanship



Participating Athletes: 21

Average GPA: 92.5

Overall record: 5 - 16

All Star - Jocelyn Hendrix

Honorable Mentions -  Grace Cerrato and Mollie Johnson

Sportsmanship Award - Jasmine Black


Boys Outdoor Track:

Participating Athletes: 22

Average GPA: 91.3

Overall record: 2 - 5

All Star - Izak Salim

Honorable Mentions - Devin Goncalves and Brandon Pham

Sportsmanship Award -  Tryggve Krogstad


Girls Outdoor Track:

Participating Athletes: 22

Average GPA: 93.6

Overall record: 2 - 5

All Star - Jillian Rawding

Honorable Mentions - Adreanna Dillen and Ryann McSherry

Sportsmanship - Natalia Moulding

Team Sportsmanship


Boys Tennis: 

Participating Athletes: 9

Average GPA: 89.9

Overall record: 4 - 15

Honorable Mentions - Joshua Flaherty and Nathan Wiley

Sportsmanship -  Stephen Caldarola


Girls Tennis: 

Participating Athletes: 15

Average GPA: 93.0

Overall record: 17 - 3

All Stars - Brooklyn Bindas and Lucy Sullivan

Honorable Mentions -  Giulianna L’Homme and Olivia Powers

Sportsmanship -  Emily Glidden