Opinion: Select Board must not stop mail-in voting

Jan 17, 2023

Jan. 17, 2023

To the Editor:

On Jan. 15, Dr. Martin Luther King would have been 94 years old. People planet-wide honor his relentless, non-violent Warrior stand for justice, for Universal voting rights, for representation that leads to economic and educational opportunity- equal access under the law to fulfill the promise of American democracy.

Tonight at 7:15, Wareham Selectmen  will  vote on “opting out” of Vote by Mail, which, if approved, will prevent all eligible Wareham voters from casting their ballot by mail before the in person election.  Although the board may do this, why would they eliminate mail in voting  regardless of hardship, age, emotional and physical disability, economic conditions, family necessities? The decision to remove greater voting accessibility would be miscalculated and to whose advantage?  

Massachusetts  Secretary of State Galvin’s office supports Vote by Mail. Quite simply it requires you fill out a form with your name, address, and birth date and check whether you want all election ballots mailed to you, or one  in particular. Unlike absentee ballots, no reason to Vote by Mail is requested with the intent,  not to intrude, but to encourage your vote.

While Dr. King struggled and was killed for dreaming to achieve America’s future as a democracy, we recognize today’s equal access needs cheerleaders, civic leaders and educators who uplift legal guarantees to vote backed by access to vote  There may follow administrative costs, but that cost is insignificant compared to the cost of  voter suppression.

Tonight, 7:15, Town of Wareham website, Board of Selectmen, Agenda, top of the page Zoom link. Join.  

Missy Dziczek

Sandy Comier

Annie Hayes