Opinion: Support ‘Decas For All’

Oct 15, 2021

To the Editor:

My grandfather, William Decas, had a favorite saying: Second to none. The Massachusetts cranberry should be second to none, America should be second to none and most importantly-education should be second to none. When he donated money for the elementary school named for my uncle Johnny and when my mother, Georgia Decas Chamberlain, continued that giving, it was with the idea that Wareham would be second to none in its support of and benefits for its citizens.

The ideas and proposals behind the “Decas for All” movement do exactly that, making Wareham second to none in the benefits and services that will be provided to its citizens. I endorse these ideas and proposals and urge the citizens of Wareham to vote in support at Town Meeting.

Joseph Chamberlain
Wareham and Lakeville
508 930-2365