Opinion: Thank you from the Swifts Beach Improvement Association

Sep 2, 2021

To the Editor:

The Swifts Beach Improvement Association thanks the residents who supported and participated in our events this year. A few standouts and shout-outs to: Amanda Née, who runs the Kid’s Bingo every Friday night; Christy Patalano, who spearheaded the playground project; Mike Bernasconi, who helped us with some clubhouse maintenance; Larry Caccia, who volunteered to paint the trim on our clubhouse; Jennifer Dziuba, who donated over 50 Swift Beach stickers that have been a great success in helping raise money for the playground; Dave Masi, who donated 50 stickers to raise money for the clubhouse; and, last but not least, our ongoing appreciation to Tom and Janet Pilleri, who make the Labor Day races a treasured and much enjoyed annual event.

A big shoutout to the following businesses that supported us this season: 

Diane's Art Farm

Dunkin Donuts - 419 Main St, Wareham MA

Jennifer Dziuba-realtor- Jack Conway

Kool Kone


Stop and Shop

LaForce Realty/Swift’s Beach

Water Wizz

Please return the favor and support them and say thank you the next time you visit their business.

- Swifts Beach Improvement Association