Opinion: Wesley UMC wants to focus on ministry, not arguing

Jan 23, 2023

Jan. 23, 2023

To the Editor:

We, Wesley United Methodist Church, feel as if the true nature of our possible disaffiliation was not represented well.

Wesley UMC feels that the tradition of the church has been/is compromised at this time.

Those who are more progressive have been damaged and hurt by the infighting within the New England Conference as well as those who are more conservative.

The discussion of human sexuality and LGBTQ issues has dominated conversation within the conference for the past decade and it is exhausting. There are those within the church that feel same sex marriage is not acceptable and those that do. There are those within the church that feel ordination of LGBTQ persons is acceptable and there are those that do not.

Wesley UMC is stating that they (possibly) would like to disaffiliate and have the human sexuality issue be something that is discussed, if need be, between the pastor and the parishioner.

Having it be a constant topic of conversation is not something they would like to see continue. They would like to focus more on the missions and ministries of the church and how they reach out to the community.

Wesley UMC is called to love the Lord and love others as well. They may choose to live this out under a new name and new affiliation.

Rev. Ginny Doran