Outdoor watering limited as region enters drought

Jul 24, 2022

Following a week of scorching temperatures and little rain, it’s no surprise the region is now considered to be in “significant drought” conditions,” per the state.

The town has requested residents to limit their outdoor watering to hand-held methods only, and only before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m.

Per the National Weather Service, the hazardous heat advisory will extend through Monday, with a forecasted high of 87.

Thunderstorms are forecasted for Monday afternoon and evening and could be severe. There could be up to half an inch of rainfall in the evening.

The state offers additional water conservation tips:

  • Address leaks as soon as possible;
  • Conduct water audits on larger buildings and businesses to identify leaks and potential water conservation opportunities;
  • Minimize the size of where lawns are watered; and,
  • Harvest rainwater for outdoor watering.