Owl rescued in Wareham healing at Cape Wildlife Center

Jan 19, 2019

An injured barred owl is on the mend at Cape Wildlife Center after being picked up by the Wareham Department of Natural Resources last week.

Center staff reports that the owl suffered a broken wing, which has been stabilized, and a fractured beak. Pain and anti-inflammatory medicine were also given to the owl. Its progress is being monitored.

Wareham Police found the owl on Indian Neck Road on Jan 13. Department of Natural Resources officers picked it up that day. Officials then cared for it over night and took it to the center on Jan. 14.

According to veterinarians, the owl was likely struck by a car based on its injuries. Center staff said animal hospitals across the state are treating more injured owls this time of year.

“As it gets dark earlier it means that owls are actively hunting while roads are still busy with cars,” according to a post on the center’s Facebook page. “One thing you can do to help is to not throw out any trash along roadways that could potentially attract rodents and other prey species owls may be drawn to. Throwing that apple core away at home rather than out the window, just might save a life!”