Oyster Festival offers scholarship

Mar 6, 2024

The Wareham Oyster Festival is offering a $1000 scholarship to a student pursuing a career in the fields of aquaculture or marine science. 

The organization promotes the study and growth of sustainable aquaculture as well as productive marine populations and ecosystems with a focus on the breeding and harvesting of shellfish. 

The scholarship is also open to students who study other marine organisms, physical and geological oceanography, and related fields of study. Applicants must be residents of Wareham. Applications can be found at https://warehamoyster.com/new-scholarship-application/ and at the Guidance Counselor offices.

The annual Wareham Oyster Festival was established in 2014 and takes place on May 26 in downtown Wareham. It brings thousands of attendees to Wareham to promote the shellfish industry and to increase the awareness of the marine environment. During the festival, local oysters, other types of seafood, a variety of food vendors, and arts and craft vendors line Main Street and Pezzoli Square.