Peep Show: Candy diorama contest makes Library sweet

Apr 18, 2023

When it comes time for the Wareham Free Library’s annual Peeps Diorama Contest, most entries lean toward the cute and cuddly. 

This year, there were multiple Peep beach parties, with lifeguards sitting in chairs made of pretzel sticks or plastic cups. There was a “Peepzaria” with marshmallow birds and bunnies snacking on crackers topped with Froot Loops and marshmallows (try not to think too deeply about the cannibalistic implications). The dioramas featured adorably exquisite detail, clever use of candy and a plethora of puns on the word “Peep.”

Surrounded on all sides by sugary fluff, Nancy and Bill Keyes decided to take a different approach with their diorama. The diorama shows panicked Peeps floating in clear plastic “water,” clambering onto chairs and on top of bookshelves to survive the deluge.

What catastrophic event did the Keyes depict in their diorama? The March flooding of the Library due to a broken pipe, which caused mold to grow on the carpets and will force the Library to close for remodeling at an unspecified later date. 

The Keyes’ diorama, called “‘Molding’ Young Readers,” won the coveted PEEP-les Choice Award in this year’s contest. 

“Oh my goodness, they were phenomenal,” Library Director Patrick Marshall said. “We were excited because every diorama did get a vote for PEEP-les Choice... People really brought their A-game when they created these.”

The Library handed out awards in three divisions: Kids, Adult and Family/Group. The winners of these three awards were voted on by Library staff and board members, while the PEEP-les Choice vote was open to everyone.

The Adult Award went to “I’m Dreaming of a Peep Christmas,” an elaborate North Pole diorama with cotton snow, Christmas trees and gingerbread houses, all done by Jennifer Akins.

The diorama had both a front and back view, allowing Peep show attendees to see bunnies hard at work in Santa’s toy shop. 

The Family/Group Award went to two dioramas: “Sips and Tips,” a diorama of a Peep-sized Starbucks by Kaysleigh Scully; and “Movie Night with My Peeps” by the town treasurer/collector’s office. “Movie Night with My Peeps” imagined an outdoor screening on a summer night, complete with a Ferris wheel. 

The Kids Award went to a “Wizard of Oz”-themed diorama by 7-year-old Nova Long.

Other dioramas included scenes from TV shows, video games, Broadway musicals and ancient Egypt.