Pierceville Road bridge over railroad tracks to close for repairs

Jan 4, 2022

MassDOT will be closing the Pierceville Road bridge that allows drivers to cross over the railroad tracks for approximately three to six months, according to Town Administrator Derek Sullivan. 

At the Jan. 4 Select Board meeting, Sullivan announced that the bridge would be closed for repairs “very soon.” He said MassDOT — which is responsible for maintaining the bridge due to the fact that it serves as a way to pass over the train tracks — had completed some bridge repairs but “it looks like it’s going to need a lot more.” The additional work will necessitate the bridge being closed for some time. 

“They’re really concerned about the state of that bridge,” Sullivan said. 

He noted that the closure would, no doubt, cause some frustration and slowdowns. 

“That’s a major connector between County Road and Main Street,” Sullivan said. “This is essentially going to be a big change… That’s going to cause some problems for people.”

He said that there would be a detour set up in that area. 

“There’s not much we can do,” Sullivan said. “Just hope they can get it fixed as soon as possible. But this is going to be a major headache for some folks.”