Police arrest three wanted men

Jun 22, 2020

Wareham Police have identified and arrested several men wanted for various crimes.

On June 18, police arrested Marcellino Alves, 62, of New Bedford, for breaking and entering into two cars in the Target parking lot on May 24 and June 10. Police had earlier asked for the public’s help in identifying Alves’ vehicle. 

Also on June 18, three police officers went to a home on Agawam Beach Road to arrest a man wanted in the state of Florida. At the home, they saw a man sitting in his car that they believed to be the person they were looking for. He at first gave a false name and refused to get out of the car. Leonard Cinquergrano, 74, was arrested and charged with being a fugitive from justice. 

Later that day, police arrested Eddie Diaz, 26, of Hyde Park, who is wanted by the United States Marshall Service.