Police review activity over the first six months of the year

Jul 9, 2019

Over the first six months of this year, Wareham Police responded to a total of 3,810 emergency calls, for an average of about 21 calls to 911 each day, according to Acting Chief John Walcek.

The department not only responded to police reports and medical emergencies, but also fire-related calls which were then transferred to the appropriate fire department by the communication officers. 

The communications staff handled all radio and phone calls for police issues, and also served as the primary dispatch for the Wareham Emergency Medical Services Department, for which they received more than 2,300 medical related calls. 


Over the six month period, police responded to 69 drug overdose incidents, of which 7 were fatal. Narcan was administered 42 times, and saved 42 lives.

Wareham Week was unable to obtain historical context for most statistics by press time, but overdose numbers from previous years show Wareham to be on track to have slightly fewer fatal overdoses this year. 

In the whole of 2017, Wareham Police responded to a total of 167 overdose calls, of which 16 were fatal. In 2016, police responded to a total of 135 calls over the yar, 15 of which were fatal.

Police also made 45 follow-up visits following overdoses. 

After responding to an overdose call, a Wareham plain clothes police officer, licensed clinician and recovery coach will visit the survivor at home. The goal is to help them receive treatment.

Police have responded to 72 suicide threats or attempts and completed 249 health and welfare checks. 

There have been 307 domestic disturbances, 12 calls for help keeping the peace or a family matter, and 78 unwanted guests. 

Police have responded to 125 reports of intoxicated persons, 272 general disturbances, and 238 suspicious people. 

So far, there have been 501 motor vehicle accidents this year, and 138 radar assignments. 

Overall, there have been 639 arrests, criminal summons, and people put into protective custody. 

Among those under 18 years old, there have been 110 juvenile matters.

Police have responded to 570 alarms. 

The department has issued 371 firearms permits.

“The Wareham Police Department is a busy place made up of a very dedicated staff of individuals who are here to serve and protect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As always, we thank all of the residents who show us so much support on a daily basis. It is genuinely appreciated,” said Walcek. “These numbers represent all the hard work that our staff does."