Police: Wareham woman yelled ‘lock me up’ before arrest

Oct 3, 2018

A 37-year-old Wareham woman reportedly yelled “lock me up” at police before being charged with disturbing the peace on Oct. 2. 

Reina Santiago was arrested along with Christopher Pires, 34, of Wareham after police received a call about a group of people drinking alcohol in an apartment building stairwell. 

Officer Eric Machado responded to the apartment around 8:45 p.m. on Oct. 2 with the intent of asking the group to quiet down and return to their apartment, police said. 

Santiago reportedly told Machado that the group would not quiet down. Santiago added that she was going to start a fight with a neighbor as soon as the police left. She then began yelling, “Lock me up.”

Machado arrested Santiago after several failed attempts to calm her down.

According to police, Pires attempted to interfere with the arrest by placing himself between Santiago and Machado several times despite being told to step aside. Officer Jennifer Braley arrested Pires. 

Both Santiago and Pires are charged with disturbing the peace. They were due to appear in Wareham District Court on Wednesday.