Redevelopment Authority updated on plans for Littleton Drive apartment complex 

Oct 22, 2020

Members of the Wareham Redevelopment Authority seemed to approve of a recent update on plans to build a new apartment complex on land owned by the town on Littleton Drive.

The complex is set to have 93 units, with a variety of one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom options. Notably, 44 of those units will be affordable units for senior residents.

Demand for affordable senior housing in Wareham and the surrounding region far surpasses the supply, and some town leaders think the new complex will help address that problem.

Charlie Adams, the regional vice president of the developer Pennrose, presented an update to the Authority on Thursday.

“This continues to be a work in progress,” Adams said. “But we wanted to bring this now, get your feedback and make any inputs you would like to see on this.”

The plans presented include 18 one-bedroom, 25 two-bedroom and 6 three-bedroom apartments that would be available to the general public. According to the plans, the 44 affordable senior apartments will be one-bedroom units. 

The complex will also have a clubhouse with a community room and a senior building with a similar community space for seniors, Adams said. Members of the Redevelopment Authority responded positively to Adams’ updates. 

“I’m absolutely thrilled with the senior building,” said Richard Swenson, a member of the Redevelopment Authority and the Planning Board. “I think that’s exactly what we needed in this town. And if we do this right and position it right, we can sell this to our community as the anchor of this whole thing.”

Judith Whiteside, a Selectman and a member of the Redevelopment Authority, expressed some concerns about the number of public restrooms available in the clubhouse and senior building. 

The plans included just two single-stall public restrooms for the clubhouse’s community room. And when she was shown the plans for the senior building’s common space and community room, Whiteside was quick to point out: “There’s no public bathroom here.”

Adams explained the plans were not finalized and that the architect was told a public bathroom would be needed.

Despite her hesitations about the limited number of restrooms, Whiteside seemed generally pleased with the plans.

“Overall I think it’s a very attractive, well-thought-out — except for bathrooms — concept and looks very much like it belongs in a high-class community,” she said.