Reports of shots fired at Swifts Beach leads to two arrests

Nov 21, 2023

Multiple reports of shots fired in the Swifts Beach area Sunday, Nov.19 at approximately 9 p.m. led to the arrest of brothers Isaiah, 26, and Mashophant Clary, 28, on charges of disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace, according to Wareham Police Department logs.

Marion, Rochester and Sheriff K9 supported Wareham Police Officers on the scene, according to the logs.

On scene Sunday, Nov. 19, officers located bullet casings in the area of 20 Vernal Street. There were also two bullet holes in an unoccupied residence, according to the police report.

According to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, the Clarys, who are both from Plymouth, were arraigned in Wareham District Court Monday, Nov. 20. Despite the office’s objection, the case was dismissed by the judge due to “lack of probable cause.”

Witnesses calling in stated there had been people yelling and running around the time of the gun shots. The police report states the brothers were the only individuals walking around the area at the time. 

Masophant was discovered by police walking in the vicinity of 20 Vernal Street with “fresh dirt and grass clippings on him, sweating and out of breath,” according to the report. He told police he was walking around “because he heard gunshots and was looking for the shooter.”

Isaiah walked by the crime scene and asked police what had happened, according to the report. He stated he was walking to his girlfriend's house, but would not give police her address.

An unoccupied 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee, owned by Isaiah, was found running and unlocked on John Street, according to the report. Police had the car towed. 

Home surveillance footage showed Isaiah jumping over a fence on Judson Street “toward the location of the running unoccupied vehicle while gunshots can be heard.”

The brothers were placed into custody without incident, according to the report. However, Masophant would later be uncooperative when police were questioning him at the station.

The report also stated Masophant appeared intoxicated during his booking. He was described as “unsteady on his feet and had glassy bloodshot eyes and kept mentioning how he had been drinking that night.”

The Wareham Police Department has not yet responded to requests for comment.