Residents catch quahogs with the Coalition

May 25, 2019

On a warm Saturday afternoon, 20 people put on thick, rubber boots and waded into the water near Burgess Point to catch quahogs.

Organized by the Buzzards Bay Coalition, the May 25 event was catch-and-release except for those who had a shellfish permit from the Town of Wareham.  

Participants received waders, baskets, rakes, and a brief lesson of basic quahogging tactics. Along with quahogs, some caught crabs and oysters, which they released back into the water after careful examination.

“This is an Asian shore crab, an invasive species,” said Buzzards Bay coalition coordinator Emily Boardman as one of the participants picked up a small green crab on his rake. “They are breeding and increasing rapidly in number. Because it is not a picky eater, it outcompetes native species such as fish and shellfish for food.”

Due to the warm weather and still water, participants filled the baskets with quahogs of all sizes.

“I am so happy I caught a few today,” said Susan Francis of Wareham. “It was definitely worth coming here. It was very fun, especially since  the weather is so perfect.”