Retired Wareham High teacher honored by US Army

Jul 22, 2022

A retired Wareham High School teacher was recognized by the US Army last week after establishing and growing the school’s first Junior Reserve Officer Training Program over a decade ago, which continues today.

The US Army granted former teacher Michael Collins with the Public Service Commendation Medal on July 15 for his 15 years of service to the school and community.

“His efforts as a history teacher were recognized for when he educated and inspired countless students,” a press release on the recognition reads. “His charismatic instruction brought history to life. As a US Army Veteran, his pride in service to the country and expertise in military history were invaluable to the school and influenced students to discover the importance of the military in our Nation's history.”

Collins spearheaded the effort to establish a JROTC program at the high school, which began in 2004. 

“He successfully lobbied the local politicians as well as the school system administration while working with US Army Cadet Command to ensure the program met all of the prerequisites and was successfully accepted,” the release reads. “His passion, dedication, and perseverance to make this happen was the single most important reason that this program came to fruition.”