Selectmen approve new polling locations in Wareham

Jan 15, 2019

With the demolition of the Minot Forest School approaching, Selectmen approved two new polling locations for voters in precincts 3 and 6 on Tuesday night.

Voters in precinct 3 will now vote at the Hammond School in Onset, located at 13 Highland Ave. Voters in precinct 6 will vote at the East Wareham fire station, located at 281 Glen Charlie Rd.

Voters in those precincts, which cover the Shangri-La neighborhood, East Wareham and part of Onset, previously casted ballots at the Minot Forest Elementary School, which was closed this summer.

Since then, Wareham voters approved spending $90 million for a new elementary school at the same site. The new school is expected to open within two and a half years, officials said.

Voters in precincts 3 and 6 will be notified of these new polling locations individually via postcard in the coming weeks before the April Town Election.