Selectmen elect new chair, clerk

Apr 9, 2019

Board of Selectmen voted unanimously at their April 9 meeting to elect Patrick Tropeano as the Chairman of the Board and Selectman Mary Bruce as Clerk.

Selectmen Peter Teitelbaum and Tropeano thanked outgoing chairman Alan Slavin for his service.

“Alan does a ton of work, and I know that the addition of the chairmanship has been taking a toll on his time and even his health," said Teitelbaum. "So, on the one hand, he was a great Chairman, we are not going to be happy without his leadership, but I think personally it is going to be better for him to step away and not have additional, 5,6 or 18 hours a week of stuff to deal with.”

“[Slavin] is amazing, I don’t know how anybody can go up there and do it day after day, and what he does it’s just pretty amazing,” Tropeano said.

Tropeano is also positive that Selectman Mary Bruce will excel in her position as a clerk.

“I know you are a very organized person and I know you can handle that without any problem at all,” Tropeano said.