Southeast region declared in critical drought

Residents told to stop non-essential outdoor watering
Aug 11, 2022

Southeastern Massachusetts and other regions have been declared a Level 3 Critical Drought after weeks of little to no rain, according to a state press release.

Residents and businesses are asked to minimize overall water use and stop all non-essential outdoor watering. The drought conditions have worsened across Massachusetts, from the South Coast to the Connecticut River Valley region.

Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Beth Card announced the updated drought conditions on Wednesday.

“With the majority of the state now experiencing a Level-3-Critical Drought, it is incredibly important that we all practice water conservation and adhere to local requirements and recommendations in order avoid over stressing our water resources,” Card said in the release. “Efforts to minimize water usage now will help our water systems to rebound more quickly, and ensure that essential public health, safety and environmental needs continue to be met.”

Massachusetts experienced little rain and high temperatures throughout July this year, and rainfall was lowest across eastern Massachusetts, per the release. Rainfall totals in eastern Massachusetts ranked within the top 15 driest Julys on record.

Residents are advised to adhere to local water use restrictions, be careful around any activities that increase the risk of fire and safely dispose of smoking materials. More information about the drought conditions can be found on the town's website.