Students of the month named for May

Jun 15, 2021

Each month, Wareham Middle School recognizes exceptional students in each grade.

The fifth grader of the month of May is Santino L’Homme. 

One teacher described him as conscientious, kind, funny and willing to help other students.

“Santino is a hardworking, creative student with a great sense of humor. He has an eye for art and always goes the extra mile to make his art work stand out,” said another teacher. “He is an absolute pleasure to have in class and is a leader among his peers.”

“He is notable for his sincerity, careful judgment, and positivity in the classroom,” another teacher said. “He is a welcome presence of calm and goodwill in this turbulent year.”

Sage Brophy is the sixth grader of the month. One teacher said she always “has a smile on her face and enthusiasm in her step.”

“Sage loves to learn!” said another. “She enjoys and will initiate on her own to look up information related to the academic lesson. She has a gentle way to work with classmates that encourages them to join in on a topic.”

“She is always ready to lend a hand to her classmates when she can,” said another. “She greets everyone with a smile and is always ready to try and cheer someone up!”

Jacob Burdette is the seventh grader of the month.

One teacher said he is a kind and respectful hard worker who “brings lots of personality to our class.”

“Jacob is a dedicated, creative and hardworking student,” said one teacher. “He consistently puts his full effort into his work and gets along well with his peers.”

“Jacob is a critical thinker who participates in class daily,” said another. “He is enthusiastic and attentive in our class and he always has a positive attitude!”