Students put some pep in their step for Homecoming

Oct 23, 2023

Decked out in class colors, the Wareham High School student body gathered in the gymnasium for some friendly class competition at the Homecoming Pep Rally on Friday, Oct. 20.

The competition began at the beginning of the week with Spirit Week dress up. Students dressed up for a Zoom conference, surfers vs. bikers, a rhyme without reason as well as Barbie and Ken. Juniors racked up the most points in this category.

Throughout the week, the classes also competed to collect as many non-perishables for the food drive as possible, and once again the juniors were the most successful.

However, when it came to the penny wars, the eighth graders outdid the rest of the school. 

Until it came down to decorating the gym, which juniors took home the cake in. The juniors’ wins this year got them a nice lead when it came down to the Homecoming games.

The classes faced off in “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Cup,” which is similar to musical chairs in that whoever is left standing without a cup loses. 

In addition, the classes competed to see who could get an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. 

This was followed up with the pie-in-the-face segment in which a student had the opportunity to pie the school’s chef in the face. 

The classes played a few more games, including one that required them to wear pantyhose with tennis balls on their head, which were used to knock down water bottles. 

However, in the end, the juniors maintained their lead and were the winners with 1,275 total points.

Seniors were not that far behind with a total of 1,200 points. The freshmen earned 1,000 points, the sophomores gained 825 points and the eighth graders scored 575 points.