Supermodels of all ages slay at Council on Aging fashion show

Apr 20, 2023

Seventy-nine years separated the oldest and youngest supermodels at the Council on Aging’s annual fashion show on Wednesday, April 19.

The youngest, 3-year-old Maddie Sherman, sailed down the catwalk in a pink sailor’s dress, her favorite color. 

The oldest, 82-year-old Mabel Griffin, wore a blue-and-white casual outfit with polka dots. She bought the outfit at a secondhand store in Wareham, and planned to wear it to Coffee Hour and chair volleyball at the Council on Aging.

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Griffin, who has modeled in the fashion show since it began 15 years ago. 

Council on Aging members, joined by Girl Scouts from Wareham’s Daisy Troop #77427, turned the Council’s indoor track into a runway.

Before the models served looks, the Council on Aging, joined by members of the Select Board, served lunch.

“It’s a chance to celebrate looking nice and being chic no matter what your age is and no matter what your body type is,” said Council on Aging Director Sharon Rice. “It’s meant to be fun, it’s meant to be entertainment, but it’s also meant to be empowering.” 

Who were they wearing? Many of the clothes came from the models’ own closets, but Walt’s Mobile Closet, a free clothing program serving the South Coast, also donated some outfits. The models were allowed to keep all donated clothes. 

“I’m one of the beneficiaries of a new dress, which I adore!” Said Sharon Boyer, who sashayed in a navy blue evening dress. “It was invigorating, especially when you see the people smiling at you. You feel great, no matter what you wear. I feel fabulous.”

For the Daisies, one designer’s name reigned supreme, over Chanel, Valentino and Versace — JoJo Siwa, the 19-year-old Nickelodeon star known for her line of sequin-spangled clothes. 

Six-year-old McKenzie Parker, who enjoys meatballs, kittens, hip hop and ballet dancing, wore a JoJo Siwa coat.

Five-year-old JoJo Sherman, who enjoys Happy Meals, unicorns and horseback riding, fittingly wore a Jojo Siwa dress. 

“They’re the ones that are going to be in our future,” Boyer said, “so why not incorporate them when they’re young, beautiful and love dressing up?”

The first model to walk had experience on the runway. Sixty-six-year-old ex-model Roberta Richard said that it felt good to be back in the spotlight again. 

Richard held her shoulders back, smiled and turned — just what modeling school in Brockton taught her. 

Model Judith Janson-Riggle was joined by Daisy, her pet goodendoodle. (Daisy is one of the therapy dogs that visits the Council on Aging weekly). 

“I was nervous,” Janson-Riggle said, “because Daisy’s never done something like this.”

She thought the event was “wonderful,’ even though it was hard to get the curious Daisy to wet her nose and make love to the camera.