Sweat, sun and a little bit of fun

Jun 20, 2024

The beaches of Onset teemed with people the afternoon of Thursday, June 20 as people frolicked in the waves, played lawn games and got sand between their toes. 

What brought everyone here?

“93 degrees,” said Dean, one of a group of four trying to cool off playing some football. 

Wareham residents dodged the sun on the longest day of the year with a wide range of summertime activities. 

Five-year-old Livie Francois buried her toes in the sand on the breezy summer day. She said that her favorite part of the beach was “the water,” where she played with her toy boat.

While the waves and the wharfs were crowded, not everyone spent the day sitting in the sand.

Two-year-old Casey McCormack enjoyed some ice cream from Guido’s Ice Cream and More to cap off his day with his family. 

His mother Mandi said the family was going to go to a zoo, but thought it was too hot, so they decided to do a canal cruise instead. 

“Being on the boat was great,” she said, adding that the family enjoyed the breeze. 

Derek Monteiro and Jason Klemp got out of work at Quahog Republic excited to have some time out in the sun. 

“When everybody else is having fun, we’re cooking,” said Klemp. 

However, he added they were having a “blast,” as they set out to join the residents taking to the beach to have a little bit of fun under the sun.