Swimming into spring

Apr 15, 2019

Although Sunday was an unexpectedly warm day for April, it was far from what most people consider beach weather.

Two brave swimmers decided to ring in spring with an open water swim, organized by the Buzzards Bay Coalition, at Onset Beach.

Outfitted in wetsuits and swim caps, Emily Boardman and Cora Carey waded in before embarking on a swim along the beach.

“It’s so nice!” exclaimed Corey. “My ears and toes [are cold], but other than that..”

The event doubled as an unconventional birthday celebration for Corey, and she said it was the best way to celebrate.

Rebecca Vasa, the Coalition’s Outdoor Exploration Manager, said that the event was the second open water swim the group hosted at Onset Beach. The first was in December.

“We love Onset,” Vasa said. “This is an amazing location.”

Sunday’s swim was part of the lead up to the Coalition’s 26th annual Buzzards Bay Swim, which will take place on June 22. For more information about the swim and other upcoming events, go to www.savebuzzardsbay.com.