Telephone pole collapses in Glen Charlie Road crash

Jun 13, 2023

First responders arriving to the scene of a car that crashed into a telephone pole on Glen Charlie Road on Friday, June 9 had to dodge live wires when the pole collapsed. 

When Wareham firefighters and a tow truck arrived, the pole snapped. The pole landed on the tow truck, while the electrified wires landed on top of the fire truck. 

No injuries were reported in either the crash or the collapse, Wareham Fire Chief John Kelley said. 

“Somebody potentially could have been killed,” Kelley said. “The first responders on scene, as well as the tow truck operator. But we were fortunate that everyone was able to get out of the way once they heard the pole starting to break.”

The fire truck had to remain on scene for several hours. During those hours, several hundred homes in the area were without power due to Eversource cutting off electricity. Eversource workers, with help from Verizon, removed the entangled wires from the fire truck.

Kelley said the damages to the fire truck were “just cosmetic.” He did not know the extent of the damage to the tow truck.

Wareham Police could not be reached for comment.