Thefts from unlocked cars reported in Onset

Dec 27, 2023

Members of the Onset community have reported an ongoing issue of thefts from unlocked cars. 

One post about the issue, from Gail Fuller-Reardon, includes a video of a male figure looking into the window of a car parked in her driveway. 

The incident occurred on Tuesday, Dec. 12, and Fuller-Reardon also has video of similar activities occurring earlier in the year, on Feb. 7 and 14. 

Randy Caplin said he's had someone try and get into his vehicles "a couple of times [in] early November and about a week ago [before Friday, Dec. 22], both times around 11 p.m."

Alicia Holmes had a purse stolen from her car, with a wallet and headphones inside. 

"I know all of these things can be replaced and I'll be told, 'Well, that's what you get for leaving your car unlocked,'" said Holmes. "I'm well aware. I'm just still frustrated at the fact."

According to a police report from Wednesday, Dec. 13, a hockey bag with player equipment was stolen from a motor vehicle sometime the previous night. 

Bryan Whalen, public information officer for the Wareham Police Department, said, "We had a few isolated incidents in the Onset area involving unlocked vehicles."

The Department shared a post on its Facebook page with tips for vehicle safety, part of a broader public safety hashtag called the “9 PM Routine.”

The routine involves removing valuables from vehicles, locking vehicle doors, closing and locking all exterior doors and turning on an exterior light, according to the Wareham Police Department's post.