Tobey expansion named the Baldwin Makepeace Emergency Center

Oct 13, 2021

Tobey Hospital’s expanded emergency room will be named the Baldwin Makepeace Emergency Center, Southcoast Health CEO Keith Hovan announced on Oct. 13. 

The center, which is expected to be complete early in 2022, will expand the hospital’s space dedicated to emergency care from 17,500 square feet to 25,000 square feet — enough space for 40,000 visits each year. 

The name is meant to honor decades of support from the Baldwin and Makepeace families, according to a press release, and, particularly, the contributions of Ian Michael “Mike” Baldwin, John Makepeace and Maurice Makepeace.

Baldwin, a longtime Tobey Hospital trustee and board chair, led campaigns for the hospital beginning in the 1970s, and led the campaign for the original emergency department in the early 1980s, according to his son, Michael, and daughter-in-law Margie.

“Mike engaged so many people in the greater Wareham area to support community health care needs and to set Tobey Hospital up for the future,” the Baldwins wrote. “It is a wonderful tribute to our family’s legacy and many decades of support to Tobey.”

The hospital has also been supported by the Makepeace family for years.

“When given the naming opportunity for the new Tobey emergency center, my sister Joanna and I talked and thought a lot about our grandfather, John, and our dad, Maurice,” said Chris Makepeace. “John was chosen with several others to carry out the vision that Alice Tobey Jones conveyed to them: to build a hospital in Wareham. That dream obviously came to pass in 1940.”

Maurice Makepeace also served on the board of trustees for many years.

“Southcoast Health is proud to honor these contributions with the naming of the new emergency center,” said Michelle Loranger, Executive Director of Philanthropy at Southcoast Health. “As we build a new and expanded Tobey emergency center to serve our greater Wareham region, it is fitting that the names Baldwin and Makepeace will grace this critical community resource.”

Hovan said that he is grateful for the support of all of the hospital’s donors, partners, and community members. 

“Ongoing community support is integral to the growth and ongoing success of our community health system,” said Hovan. “Support from the community enables us to take on critical projects such as this one that advances emergency care.”

Hovan added that the Baldwin and Makepeace families’ support dates back to the early 1900s, and has been instrumental for Tobey Hospital.

“Our entire community is forever grateful,” Hovan said.

Southcoast Health is currently running a $5 million campaign to fund the completion of the project. For more information about the expansion, go to