Town releases details about energy sources

Dec 20, 2022

Wareham residents can once again take a look at where their electricity is coming from.

The town of Wareham released its latest state-mandated list of the town’s sources of electricity, and their environmental friendliness under state regulations, on Monday, Dec. 19. Like all towns in New England, Wareham’s electricity comes from the New England integrated power grid.

61.4% of New England’s, and thus the town’s, energy comes from natural gas. 18.4% comes from a mixture of energy sources. 7.8% comes from oil and 7.5% comes from nuclear power. 

The information comes from the Wareham Community Electricity Aggregation, a program offered by the town to provide residents and businesses with town-vetted options for electricity supply. It does not replace Eversource, and customers will only receive one bill from Eversource for their energy. 

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