Trinkets become treasures in rummage sale

May 11, 2024

There was something for everyone at a Saturday, May 11 rummage sale from the Church of the Good Shepherd. 

The rummage sale had everything from china to clothing, from boats to books and beyond. 

It also had a set of rear-view mirror extensions fitting 2007 to 2014 GMC trucks, which Good Shepherd Guild member Karen Clark pointed out as the most interesting item dropped off for the sale. 

Everything for sale that day had been donated to the church, by both parishioners and non-parishioners, Clark said. 

That spirit of generosity persisted to the day of the sale itself. Clark said people often pay more than the asking price for their items, rather than trying to haggle down for less. 

“They know it’s going to the ministries here at church,” she said.