Turkeys (in disguise) trot the halls at Decas Elementary

Nov 22, 2021

At John W. Decas Elementary, student-decorated “turkeys in disguise” line the halls — the continuation of a well-loved tradition that’s been upheld for 15 years and counting. 

“We read the story ‘Turkey Trouble,’” said Wendy Nault, a kindergarten teacher. “It’s about a turkey who doesn’t want to get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner, so he keeps trying to disguise himself as different animals in the farmyard.”

After reading the story, the students discuss and brainstorm “different ways that the turkey could disguise himself so he doesn’t get eaten,” she explained. 

Then students are sent home with a turkey of their own to disguise. 

“We tell them it’s a family project, so make sure everybody helps,” Nault said. “And most of them do it with their families. They spend a lot of time.” 

Principal Bethany Chandler said that the students use all different mediums for their turkeys. 

“They come up with some great ideas,” Nault said. “Some of them are really cute.” 

Nault said that even 15 years into the tradition, students were still coming up with never-before-seen disguises. 

“A doctor — I’ve never had a doctor, and the pizza was really cool,” she said. “Oh, and a hunter. I’ve never had a hunter before.”

The project is always a hit with the students.

“They love it,” Nault said. 

And it’s popular with students’ families as well.

“It’s a nice family project,” Chandler said, adding that it was a festive way to celebrate the holiday.