Upper Cape Tech plans hybrid reopening

Aug 9, 2020

The Upper Cape Regional Technical High School has announced its plans for reopening school in the fall with a hybrid approach: Students will complete academic work at home through remote learning and will return to the school building for vocational learning on alternating weeks.

The plan notes that a return to full-remote learning may be necessary if the pandemic worsens.

Remote academic learning will begin at 7:35 a.m., just like the regular school day, and students will follow their typical eight-period schedule through Google Classrooms and Google Meet. Students may request to complete their academic work in-person at school, to be approved by the principal, but only a limited number of students will be allowed in the building on any given day.

Vocational learning will take place in the school. Students will stay with a single cohort of their peers and interact with a designated set of staff members. Students needing extra help with their vocational program or with academics will be able to get that support in-person during their technical program week.

The first full day of school for all students will be Monday, September 14, but each grade will return for a half day before that. Freshman will have a half-school-day on September 8, sophomores on the 9th, juniors on the 10th, and seniors on the 11th.

The school developed this plan with safety as its first priority, along with considerations of equity for all students, the licensing hour requirements for some programs, flexibility in case the pandemic worsens or gets better, and builds on the school’s strengths as a one-to-one school, as nearly all students have a device and an internet connection.

All students will be required to wear face coverings at all times except while eating lunch or during designated mask breaks. Those who do not do so could face disciplinary action.

Students and staff who have covid-19-like symptoms must stay home. The school is working to develop isolation protocols for those who develop symptoms while at the school.

The school has also developed extensive cleaning protocols and is working to optimize the school’s ventilation system to minimize the risk of transmission.

Transportation on buses will follow the state’s guidelines: Only one student may sit on each bench seat, and students must be staggered between sitting next to the window or next to the aisle. Windows must be kept open at all times, except for during inclement weather, and all students and the driver must wear face masks.

To read the full reopening plan, click here.