Verilife customers to park on Main Street

Apr 22, 2019

As of April 22, Verilife, the marijuana retailer on Main Street, is ending its off-site parking lot and shuttle service. Instead, recreational customers are asked to park on Main Street or in the parking lot at Pezzoli Square and walk to line up at the dispensary, which is located at 112 Main Street.

The parking lot at the dispensary will be reserved for medical patients and those with mobility issues or a handicap parking placard.

Parking in front of the dispensary or in the lots at Tobey Hospital is prohibited. Those who park in the lots at Tobey Hospital will be towed.

Shelley Stormo, the executive director at Verilife, said that the change in policy was prompted by the construction at the Tremont Nail Factory.

Due to the change, the large, lighted signs will be taken down, although the security and police detail presence at the dispensary will stay the same.

This change in policy does not mean that Verilife officials are no longer considering using a parking lot across the street at 59 Main Street, Stormo said. The hearing for that project is scheduled to continue at the Zoning Board of Appeals’ April 24 meeting.