Vikings fuel up at Lindsey’s

Nov 27, 2019

Each year, the Vikings Football team fuels up for the Thanksgiving Day game against Bourne with a lunch provided by Lindsey’s Family Restaurant. 

The team was welcomed on Wednesday with a message on the restaurant’s sign -- “Lindsey’s welcomes Wareham Vikings” -- and a special Viking menu, including everything from a burger to mozzarella sticks and a pot roast.

Coach Fran Cass kept his goals for the game fairly achievable: He said he wanted everyone to show up on time, with all their gear, and ready to play despite the chilly forecast. The cold is “not good for the faint of heart,” he said. 

Cass emphasized his gratitude for the community support for the team. 

“It’s nice that there’s still a good sense of community in Wareham,” Cass said, noting that that community spirit is what brought him to Wareham in the first place.

The team was feeling optimistic about their prospects. When the Vikings faced Bourne in the regular season, they won, and feel confident they can repeat that victory on Thanksgiving.

“We had a good practice today,” said Landyn Britto-Dower. “Now we’re trying to get our bellies full.”

“Because it’s our last game, I think we’re going to try our hardest,” said Guilherme Jalo.