Wareham Community Associates announces scholarships

Jan 26, 2021

Wareham Community Associates, a business group with members from Wareham and surrounding areas, was founded in 1923.

Each year, the group gives out scholarships each year to Wareham Students. Money is raised through an annual Lobster Bake, and, this year the group is planning a brand new golf tournament. 

The scholarships awarded were to:

Mollie Johnson: $1,000 Sherman Gleason MD Memorial Award.

Abigale Berriault: $1,000 Dick England Memorial Award

Eric Zine: $500 Walter E. Longmore Memorial Award

Grace Cerrato: $500 Leon Davidson Memorial Award

Julianne Matthews: $500 Wayne Peterson Memorial Award

Lukas Watkins: $500 Bill Atwood Memorial Award

Jorie Kyle: $500 Dana C. Keyes Memorial Award

The group is always looking for new members. For more information, contact President James England at j.m.england3@gmail.com or Treasurer Alan Slavin at 36slavin@gmail.com