Wareham Cultural Council distributes funding

Jan 27, 2024

The Wareham Cultural Council has awarded a total of $13,105 in grants to 17 projects this year, with individual grants ranging from $250 to $1,200. Grants were awarded in the categories of arts, science and humanities. 

Wareham's 2023 award recipients are:

Old Colony Historical Society, which received $250 for its Passport to History 2024 project; 

Steven M. Hulburt, who received $360 for the Jumpin' Juba Senior Concert; 

Swifts Beach Improvement Association, which received $500 for the grand opening for Phase 2 / Swifts Beach Park; 

The New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance, which received $1145 for its Terrapin Head Start for the Classroom program; 

Jackson Gillman, who received $800 for Celebrate the Seasons in Song and Story; 

Buzzards Bay Coalition, which received $1500 for community engagement events; 

South Coast Almanac, which received $450 for Onset as a Min Character: An Onset Walkabout with Dwyer Murphy's The Stolen Coast; 

Wareham Council on Aging, which received $450 for New England Birds of Prey; 

Friends of the Wareham Free Library, which received $1200 for adult programs and $1200 for a summer reading program; 

Karen A. Chase, who received $300 for Carving Out Your Story; 

Ed the Wizard, who received $450 for Magic for Seniors; 

Wareham Land Trust, which received $1300 for Junior Naturalist Programming; 

Onset Bay Association, which received $1175 for Chalk-Full-O-Fun Festival; 

Cara Bean, who received $1000 for Doodle Plus Workshops; 

MUSIC Dance.edu, which received $500 for Hip Hop Chair Dance for Seniors; 

and Riti Parisi, who received $525 for Gothic Ghost Tales by Candlelight. 

The Wareham Cultural Council is one of 329 local councils in the state that receives funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council which receives its funding from the annual state budget. For more information about the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the grant application process, go to MassCulturalCouncil.org. The new grant cycle begins September 1st and runs through mid-October each year.