Wareham High to choose whether to stay in South Coast Conference in June

May 13, 2022

Whether Wareham will stay in the South Coast Conference for athletics is still an open question, but school officials expect to make a decision one way or the other next month.

At the May 12 School Committee meeting, High School Principal Scott Palladino said that he’s been attending numerous meetings about efforts to make the league more fair for smaller schools.

At past meetings, the committee has discussed how some of Wareham’s teams struggle to be competitive in the league, which includes much larger schools such as Old Rochester Regional. Some teams, however, are quite successful — including boys basketball, the currently-undefeated girls tennis team and the track team, which is set to be league champion.

“We have an obligation to do what’s best for the whole program,” said Palladino. 

Currently, some teams play regular conference schedules while others play non-league schools — mostly smaller schools closer to Wareham’s size and skill. 

Palladino said that the conference is working on making some changes that would help smaller schools be more competitive and take them off the list to play bigger schools, noting that Wareham isn’t the only small school that sometimes struggles in the league. Those changes will be announced in June. 

“We’ll have some closure one way or the other,” Palladino said. “It’ll give us direction on where we want to go.”