Wareham man seriously injured after jumping from ‘The Ledge’ in Freetown

Jun 16, 2020

FREETOWN — A 19-year-old Wareham man was seriously injured and Medflighted to Rhode Island Hospital on Sunday afternoon, June 14, after jumping off of “The Ledge” in the Fall River Freetown State Forest.

According to Freetown Fire Department Lt. Keith Mello, the man, who has not been identified, was breathing but unresponsive after jumping from the 80 to 90 foot high ledge into the water. 

Mello said that the man was one of several people swimming in the area at the time. He added that bystanders took the man out of the water, and performed CPR before first responders arrived. 

Once on the scene, Mello said that it was apparent that the man had suffered “extensive injuries” from the impact with the water. Mello added that the water where he jumped was about 30 to 40 feet deep, and that it was unclear exactly how the man hit the water. 

Without the use of X-rays, Mello said it was difficult to determine exactly what injuries the man sustained, but the apparent head trauma that led to his unresponsiveness was of “very high concern” for first responders. 

Due to the extent of the man’s injuries and the remote wooded location with “no easy way in [and] no easy way out,” Mello said that the helicopter from Boston Medflight was called right away. 

The injured man’s condition is unknown at this time. 

Mello said that the Ledge has been the site of other serious, sometimes fatal, accidents in the past. 

“It is a very dangerous spot,” he said. In addition to the height of the ledge, Mello said that there are loose rocks in some places. 

Mello said that visitors should use caution when walking in the area, and should certainly not jump from the Ledge.