Wareham marijuana retailer announces new hours

Dec 27, 2018

Verilife, a medical marijuana dispensary located at 112 Main St., has changed its hours of operation.

The store will now be open from noon to 5 p.m. seven days a week.

According to Verilife Communications Director Kate Walden, the change is designed to help control the influx of customers visiting the store each day.

"We had a very successful opening and we're still serving hundreds," Walden said. "We're hoping that by changing our hours we can achieve a smoother cadence with lines and wait times."

Walden added that hours may change again in the future depending on traffic.

The Wareham store has been selling medical marijuana to patients since June. On Dec. 21, the business became the fourth in the state to sell marijuana for recreational use.

Verilife customers are still required to park at Water Wizz, located at 3031 Cranberry Highway, where they will board a shuttle bus to Main St. Walk-ins are not accepted at the store and onsite parking is reserved for medical patients only.