Wareham Police: Cataumet man assaulted officers during arrest

Feb 13, 2019

A 35-year-old Cataumet man arrested for disturbing the peace reportedly assaulted officers as they attempted to bring him into custody, police say.

According to reports, an individual came into the Wareham Police Department around 9:35 p.m. on Jan. 19 and told officers that the man, Daniel Riedl, was standing in the middle of road and screaming at passing cars. The particulars of this incident were not released to the media until Feb. 13.

After talking to the individual, police said Officer Calib Larue walked out of the station and observed Riedl standing in the middle of Cranberry Highway.

Larue confronted Riedl, who reportedly flicked a lit cigarette at the officer while yelling vulgarities at him.

Officer Larue then advised Riedl he was being placed under arrest.

Riedl resisted by pulling away and Sgt. Daniel Flaherty, along with Officers Jennifer Braley and Stephen Harrison, came in to assist in the arrest.

After subduing Riedl in the street, officers began to walk him back to the station.

Police said Riedl aggressively resisted officers, yelling obscenities while trying to trip Larue.

In the lobby of the station, Riedl allegedly pulled away from officers while screaming.

Police said Riedl remained combative throughout the booking process, spitting at Harrison and Braley. Riedl then reportedly kicked Braley, forcing her to use a taser to stop the assault.

As a result of Riedl’s combativeness, Police said four officers were required to bring him to a jail cell.

Reports said Officer Larue received minor injuries from the incident, but did not require a hospital visit.

Riedl has been charged with assault and battery on a police officer (2 counts), assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (2 counts), disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.