Wareham Police Officer reportedly injured during wellness check

Jan 28, 2019

A Wareham Police Officer responding to reports of a suicidal person on Friday, Jan. 25 was treated and released from Tobey Hospital with minor injuries she reportedly sustained on the call.

According to reports, Officers Jennifer Braley and Joseph Cardoza both responded to the address on Friday, which was not released by police.

The suspected suicidal individual, whose identity was also not released, was reportedly barricaded inside the house.

Police said both officers had to force their way into the home, and a violent struggle reportedly ensued.

Officer Braley was allegedly kicked several times in the chest and dragged to ground before the individual could be subdued. 

Both the individual and Braley were then transported to Tobey Hospital.

The individual is now being summoned to Wareham District Court for assault and battery on a police officer.