Wareham Selectmen apologize after learning business owner didn’t violate license

Oct 16, 2018

The owner of a used car dealership on Cranberry Highway received an apology from Selectmen on Tuesday night after being accused of violating the terms of his license.

On Oct. 2, Selectmen told Henry Dejesus, Jr., owner of Buzzards Way Garage, to reduce the number of used cars for sale parked on his lot, located at 3067 Cranberry Highway. During the board’s meeting two weeks ago, Dejesus had sought approval to update paperwork due to a clerical error. Instead, Selectmen warned Dejesus that he was violating the terms of his license to sell used cars.

Under his agreement with the town, Dejesus can have a maximum of nine cars for sale parked on the lot. Board members said there were many more cars for sale, but after looking into the matter learned those additional cars had either been sold or were being prepared for sale.

“There’s no issues and no questions,” said Selectman Alan Slavin. “Sorry for the confusion the first time around.”

Slavin said Dejesus’ business was well run and he expected to see him before the board in the future to request permission to sell additional cars.