Wareham weathers winter winds

Feb 14, 2024

Coming as it did after a spate of sunny days, a snowstorm on Tuesday, Feb. 13 reminded the residents of Wareham that it was, in fact, still winter. 

Schools and town offices shut down for the day, but in the end, Wareham weathered the storm without major damage. 

The storm brought snowfall across the state. While the South Coast was initially projected to receive between 6 and 8 inches of snow, regional readings throughout Plymouth County recorded much less precipitation, with a range of 1.5 to 5.4 inches and an average around 3.5. 

Onset Fire Department Deputy Jeffrey Dias said the department always prepares for the worst and expects the best, and that this storm event was closer to the latter than the former. 

While the area experienced some wind, it didn't experience the severe winds it could have, and it didn't get the amount of snow that was forecast, Dias said. 

The Onset Fire Department responded to nine to 10 emergencies during the storm, primarily storm related calls and wires being down, Dias said. He added the department responded to one motor vehicle accident, with only minor injuries. 

Wareham Public Schools and Upper Cape Technical Regional School canceled schools and activities in advance of the storm. 

Additionally, the town of Wareham canceled all non-essential services for the day, including Town Hall and activities at the Council on Aging, and delayed trash pickup by a day. 

Eversource brought in additional line and tree crews as part of its emergency preparedness, to respond to storm-related power outages or damage to the electric system. According to Eversource's storm updates, over 65,000 customers throughout the state lost power, and the majority of them had their power restored by Wednesday, Feb. 14 as of 1:45 p.m.