What to do if you find a rabies vaccine packet

May 14, 2023

Wild animals are unlikely to make veterinary appointments, so humans must bring rabies vaccines to them.

From Monday, May 8 to Friday, May 12, the Cape Cod & Southeast MA Rabies Task Force used cars, helicopters and bait stations to distribute rabies vaccine packets for critters to find and eat.

The vaccines are small, coming in white coated sachets or brown fishmeal polymer blocks. They are good for wild animals, but not for people.

Those who find a packet should pick it up using a glove or towel and throw it in the woods, where children and pets cannot find it. If there are no woods around, dispose of the packet in a trash can. People should wash their hands thoroughly after coming in contact with a packet. 

The vaccines are not harmful to pets, but people who suspect their pet has eaten a vaccine should call the Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment at 508-375-6620. 

If a packet’s liquid components have touched human skin, wash the affected area and call the state Department of Public Health at 617-983-6800. 

For more information, visit the Cape Cod Rabies Task Force website at tinyurl.com/mwxmzj7m