Worlds connect with Parkwood community psychic fair

Jun 19, 2024

As psychics and mediums gathered in the Parkwood Beach Association Community House, they brought the wide world of spirits and family on the other side to residents of the tight-knit Parkwood community.

Over a dozen spiritualists plied their trade on Saturday, June 15 in a community hall smelling of dark wood.

Beverly Sylvia, one of the mediums present, said she did angel tarot card readings and mediumship.

Sylvia said people sometimes come to readings for closure, “if somebody passes and they didn’t get there on time,” and also, “to know they’re not alone.”

Dianne King, the head of ways and means with the Parkwood Beach Association, said it holds events like this to fundraise for the community and to lessen the burden on dues-paying members.

The Association has put a sign up at the beach, and wants to put signs up at the community’s ball field and playground, “because unfortunately you have to remind people to be kind.”

However, these events are also held because they’re “fun,” said King. “Who doesn’t want to have a psychic reading or a hot dog or something?”

“That’s the main thing,” she said. “That’s what Parkwood is all about, is bringing people together.... We all care about each other. It’s a very old fashioned concept, but it works here.”